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Diaspora Investment

More than 65 Diaspora investors have been registered and most of them are under construction even though they are late in relating to the date of permit that they got from investment office.

Diaspora Housing

For more than one thousand Diaspora’s (people residing in foreign countries as well as Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa) plot of land has been handed as gesture to enhance the link between the Diaspora and the homeland but the execution of this promised plot of land for residential purpose has faced ups and downs. In the mean while the government is doing its best in resolving the problem and trying to settle the land issue of all Diaspora residing outside the region for once and last time.

In addition to the above land for residential purpose the government has organized housing for Diaspora’s through housing development agency of the regional government. Since its day of inception the agency has tried to render/ transferred around 26 houses for the Diasporas who have full paid the payment and more than hundred houses are being built to be transferred in the second and third phases.

These houses are being built in alignment with the Harari way of building specially the Harari architecture and cultural house design of the Hararis. With this project the youth of the city has been made to participate in the housing project working in partnership and associations.

All the above benefits have come into existence with the due attention given to the Diaspora community starting on the eve of the celebration of the Harar Millennium (1000 year celebration) in relation with international Harar sports and festival day that was celebrated. As the bond grew more and more strong the Diaspora came to realize that they need to participate on the development and social aspects and work hand in hand with the regional government. As a best example communities residing in different foreign countries have tried to contribute to Harar in different ways;

  • Canadian Diaspora’s have donated an ambulance and fire engine for Harar Jugal hospital and fire brigade of the region respectively apart for their unmentioned donations
  • Doctors from America came to Harar and gave lectures
  • Doctors from Australia have come and rendered fee medical for more than 300 people over 15 days.
  • Different communities in the Middle East, Europe, US and Canada have contributed for the revitalization policy in financial terms.

The Diaspora and foreign relation office has been a hub for more than 200 migrants that have deported from Saudi Arabia and Yemen for different reasons. Those migrants who got back to their homeland have been taken a good care by giving them a place to stay and a job to sustain their livelihood.

As part of the mechanism of the regional government to keep the tie among the Diaspora community and the homeland Harari Diaspora Association was established and is striving to get level with the obstacles that the Diaspora is encountering and might bump into as well as bridging the gap.

By the same token, the department is fully committed in developing fruitful relation with development partners and sister cities. To mention some points;

  1.  Djibouti, Arta
  2.  France, Charleville Meziere

    With this sister city of France there has been plenty of works that has been accomplished. As per the memorandum of understanding signed between the mayors of these cities, Charleville has donated financial support in areas water and sanitation, education, women empowerment and others.

    In addition to the above facts the Embassy of France is launching a new project to be implemented in areas of water and sanitation and preparing an environment/correction facility that is conducive for inmates.

  3. United States of America, Georgia-Atlanta
  4.  Turkey, Sanli-urfa

    The government of Turkey through TiKA, Turkish Red crescent, Turkish Airline and other organizations has been a good supporter of the city of Harar in different ways. TiKA has been a good partner in development of Harar specially in providing communal water tab in different areas, has donated two ambulances with their full accessories and renovation of the Mohammed Ali’s house by using a fine material for the construction.

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City of Hareri

In the last two and half decades of self-administration, Harari People’s Regional State has exerted every effort to maintain, develop and promote the culture, language and heritage of its people.

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